The Climb Review: An Extraordinary VR Game

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Ever since the concept of Virtual Reality has been announced it has created hype among gamers and regular folks alike. The brilliant pieces of VR tech such as Oculus Rift, Samsung’s Gear VR and Sony’s Project Morpheus have already been announced and available for pre orders. With Virtual reality creating such an upsurge, developers had to leap in with some impressive VR content to ensure the overall success of the concept. And so we now have some really exciting and brilliant games and apps to experience VR at its best. One such spectacular game is The Climb which offers a unique adventure experience in VR.

Crytek’s The Climb is a simplistic yet unique game working on a simple concept of climbing on the faces of mountains. The player starts from one end and climbs to reach at the finish point which is obviously the highest point on the mountains. The game starts with a breathtaking view of the scenery showing high mountains and sparkling water with boats afloat.

The mechanics of the game are beautiful as they are made keeping the user’s comfort in mind with the simplest controls. All you have to do is look around and scan the mountain edge to spot the handholds with the hands floating right in front of you. And then you have to press the corresponding trigger on the controller to grip the targeted ledge. And the same procedure is repeated to move on to the next handhold. However, if you miss to hold onto the ledge you experience a virtual death with a scary fall which lasts only for a second but kicks in the real fear of death and fall but surely this death won’t be your last as the screen fades to black just when you’re about to hit the bottom and the player springs back to life at the last checkpoint.

The game induces serious vertigo but brings along adrenaline rushing adventure. You may not be physically exerting while playing the game but it surely leaves you breathless, exhausted and relieved at the same time once you reach the summit.

The Climb also kicks in challenges and a spirit of competition to achieve the quickest ascent time without losing lives.




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