The Crystal Curse- A Death Defying Puzzle Game In Virtual Reality

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The Crystal Curse created by Sigtrap Games for HTC Vive is a baffling puzzle game in Virtual Reality that the whole family and friends can play together. After the big success of Keep Talking and Nobody explodes, the makers have come up with yet another breakthrough VR game.

The Game is believed to be inspired by the Indiana Jones franchise and the 90’s British classic series named Crystal Maze and Knightmare with mysterious setting that puts in a 3m2 scale room space giving the players one ulterior motive to solve the puzzle that unfolds before the viewers or else they are subjected to a virtually painful death by falling in pit lined with spikes. And falling in a pit full of sharp spikes isn’t definitely the most pleasant experience in Virtual Reality making the game one of the most thrilling and nerve racking experiences.

The game makes for the most exciting party games as you get to involve your guests for it isn’t a one player game. Therefore, don’t try to play this alone as most of the hints offered for solving the puzzle are aimed for the Non-VR players giving the player inside the virtual world a tough time battling against the timers and clocks set in VR.

The game is especially designed for HTC Vive as it offers an exclusive and innovative use for Vive controllers helping you keeping your body balance in the game via keeping one of the controllers strapped to your belt and the other one free to let you manipulate the in-game puzzles. The ideology is by far the most interesting use of Vive controllers experienced by the gamers.

What’s even more surprising is the astonishing fact that the crystal curse was created in just under 40 hours for a special event named Jamchester, a popular Game Jam which was held in Manchester, UK.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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