Virtual Reality at Cannes: Viewers Experience Movies in VR

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The world for the past week has been talking about the famous Cannes Annual Film Premier Festival which also featured the very surging technology Virtual Reality giving it a special slot for users to experience movies in the VR environment.

Virtual Reality has come a long way and its ability today to let you watch a movie in VR or even be a part of the movie by living a character from the movie, to experience sports in a new way, it has changed the mindset of the people so much that now everyone wants to be gripped by it.

The Film Festival at Cannes showcased a dozen of VR movies which was a huge success however, the filmmakers present at the film festival claimed that the technology in the field is rapidly evolving which makes it a little difficult for them to adopt.

Nonetheless, the recent availability of VR cameras might prove to be fruitful in this endeavor. Vincent Leclercq from France’s National Center of Cinematography said, “It is like right at the beginning of film, but it is going to move very, very quickly.”

The technology has been successful in drawing big names such as Eric Darnell the director of Madagascar with actor Ethan Hawke who narrates the VR animated movie with duration of six minutes. The movie puts the user in an animated universe of a fluffy white rabbit which outsmarts two aliens who have landed on earth to take over it.

Animation is a much likely choice for VR as viewers expect a lot from reality shown in a virtual world and seeing the pixels on screen disrupts the illusion of reality. Thu, maybe no today but surely tomorrow Virtual reality could go mainstream and we could all live in a movie.




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