VR’s First-Ever Expedition to Nottingham Caves Festival

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The expedition is from this Monday to Sunday starting from October 23 and offering a free access to anyone who is interested in the vast network which happens to be just below the streets. It will also include the opportunity to even get their hands at the archaeology which is offering a great chance to experience the ‘artificial caving’ in the man-made cave and a VR trip around the two caves including those parts even which are not accessible in the real life.

The Virtual Reality tour is providing you an opportunity to look inside the cave for the very first time. This is made possible by the Hot Knife Digital Media which is a local design studio that designs 2D and 3D animations and augmented reality also. According to the director, Andrew Whitney, they are excited to bring back the caves into the 21st century and filled them with life using the latest gaming and virtual reality technology which increased the accessibility of the sites to the public.

The expedition of the caves includes caves dated back to the medieval times. It has minimum 500 man-made sandstone caves and the number can goes up to 1000 also. Over many years the caves have been used as homes or as underground bowling alleys or even as the jail cells. Councillor Dave Trimble says that Nottingham’s most intriguing caves are the most fantastic spot to draw visitors. There are many local people too who didn’t had any clue about this new world under their feet.  You can now be able to view with Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE. Don’t worry if you don’t have Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE. You can easily view them using your Google Cardboard!




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