A.R Rehman Imbibed Virtual Reality in Its Very Own ‘Vande Mataram’

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A R Rahman, who is known as the Music Maestro recently launched his favourite and top music track ‘Vande Mataram’ in Virtual Reality base on Wednesday at NFDC’s Film Bazaar. With such a big step, they are proving a view of 360 degrees and one hell of an experience for the viewers. A R Rehman also believes that Virtual Reality is something very great and should be used in music world also as it will open new doors if merged with art. Rahman has always believed in using technology so as to boost his music.

Now-a-days, the combination of music and technology is very challenging for the music makers. It resembles the scenario where the theatres have come back, but in a totally different form. Concert on Virtual Reality exclusively means that as a musician and his performance can be viewed all around the world. The audience watching it would not only just watch it live, but can actually be in it.  Rahman has always been very interested in technology, and most probably that is the major reason behind that is, he is ahead of his counterparts in using technology in music.

Virtual Reality has become successful in becoming an interesting part in the journey of AR Rehman as a musician. It has brought a whole new excitement in him as a musician. There is a lot more something to do and in Virtual Reality that needs to excite you. He believes that people should feel confident to experience or work in Virtual Reality and because of its immersive nature. Let’s see what What Virtual Reality is doing after working with Bjork!




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