‘Oculus Medium Creative Touch’- REVIEW

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Oculus,Medium” is an amazing Virtual Reality digital sculpting tool which influences the Touch’s high quality motion tracking format in order to allow free form of creativity that will focus on the mass manipulation, than the production of brush strokes. “Medium” is indeed a very much a tool than being just a game. The usage of this tool is so very easy that it gives the confidence to the non-artistic too. Medium is said to be made available and that too for free at the launch of Touch on December 6th.

Medium is basically about subtracting, adding, and manipulation of the digital mass, just like a clay sculptor. Medium strives to be a perfect tool for all the serious artists which have a range of advanced functions which makes the program amazingly powerful especially when used in conjunction. We all know that Photoshop has ‘brushes’ whereas ‘Medium’s basic element is ‘tools’, through which the user will be able to add and manipulate with the help of the Touch controller’s triggers. There are many tools available that we have already discussed in our ‘Sculpt, Model and Paint in VR with Oculus Medium Creative Touch’ blog!

Medium’ carefully holds on to Virtual Reality best practices, and the ‘medium’ bet that the user will not be able to think of even one single moment about the Motion Sickness. In Medium, the User will always be accustomed to the grid-like floor under their feet which will help them to be visually grounded. The menus are usually kept very close to the user and the buttons and toggles are made very large and in fact very clickable. We think it is a revolutionary tool in terms of Virtual Reality in which it is giving a chance to the non-artists, to be like Artists!




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