‘Doom 3’ For Virtual Reality- Brought To You By, New Mod

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The Doom series are known for their busy and horror doomed scene. It has been made by using the graphically enhanced ‘BFG’ version of the year 2004 Doom 3.  The mod has directly been imported from the ‘Codes4Fun’ to ports of the game for the HTC VIVE. There is a Swedish YouTuber SweViver, who has recently posted a video in which he is flaunting his first ever spin.

SweViver walks and runs the VIVE controller’s touchpad very naturally by using 90 frames per second keeps him away from all the suffering of the motion sickness. The video also guides him, when to jump and when to use the mod’s impressive hand-tracking in order to handle the gun. The user can whisks out the virtual fists, which can let the user thrash things with the help of the controllers with left and right triggers.

It is said that it is probably the first ever AAA game that would actually work on the HTC Vive. It is amazing to see that how amazing it is working and one one can actually see the vision of Oculus had in their mind when they announce the Very own DOOM 3 in a form of a bundled game as an Kickstarter for the Rift in the year 2012. Everyone has witnessed the other great ports like 2002’s Metroid Prime for Dolphin Virtual Reality, but Doom 3’s handling and interactivity of fluid weapon has been put in an entirely different class all together.




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