Email Marketing – Doing it the Right Way

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Marketing strategies for the internet have come a long way to becoming robust and successful for drawing cyber audience. One such prominent marketing methodology is Email Marketing which ensures customized traction of potential user-base through emails. Email Marketing, clearly from the name deals with promotion of your business and services through auto or manually generated emails sent to registered users or data drawn from database systems.

Now, while going about Email marketing one will come across many supposed best practices through colleagues, magazines and mostly internet. However, without any credibility to the present information it is always hard to decide on the authenticity of such practices. Therefore, to bring down the confusion we have put together a list of tips of email marketing for effective web and mobile marketing.

Some quick Do’s to consider:

  • Personalize: An essential Do of email marketing is personalization which goes on to personalizing the name of the recipient of the email along with the subject line and body of the email. You can also personalize the offers and the content as per the user for a better communication.
  • Keeping it fresh: E-marketing is all about the latest and the most relevant stuff. No subscriber or user will wish to be pinged with the same information in their inbox time and again. And so in order to ensure you don’t annoy the potential customers, always aim to keep your information relevant and up to date.
  • Ensure direct links to the content you refer: As someone who wishes the viewer of the mail to reach the root of the mail, you would want the viewer to land on the exact same page or content that has been referred to in the mail. Hence, exact and direct links are important.
  • Keep the graphics small: Most users do not scroll down all the way across the graphics to get to the content hence, make sure the graphics are small and cover optimum length of the page.
  • Testing: Test, test and test to ensure complete accuracy of the links and the mailers.

Don’ts to Avoid:

  • Overdo customization: While personalization is a must but overdoing the customization will be considered as going overboard with the personalization.
  • Graphics in text message: Don’t use odd combinations of text messages and characters as graphics.
  • Sending mails with cc: No user wishes their email ids to be revealed to the world and so be careful while sending messages so as not use the cc function for long lists.
  • Forget QA: Before you carry and start with E-marketing don’t forget to conduct quality analysis for missing graphics and broken or invalid links.

With these basic and genuine tips for do’s and don’ts for E-Marketing one can surely master the art of marketing for a successful and effective marketing of your business or services.




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