Virtual Reality Startup Servios Launches VR New Game

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Virtual Reality gaming Startup Company named Servios has launched a new game demo named Raw Data which is an involving, engrossing and an amazing gaming experience. Raw data is an action game which lets you use weapons such as shotguns and bow and arrows to shoot and gun down the robots to escape a captive facility. But what’s more important is that multiple players can play the game simultaneously in virtual reality. The game is designed for Oculus Rift VR and with its new technology of letting people interact in VR this game has come along just when it was needed the most.

The game leaves you gasping for more just like a person in need of oxygen when underwater as it’s a complete entertainment package that leaves you hungry for the thrill with the best graphics and sound effects. The game is out only as a demo for now but will soon be out to enthrall the audience with Oculus rift. To know more catch this interesting video from TechnoCrunch.




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