Facebook Allows One To Have News Feeds On VR Headset Screen

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Facebook is looking for more and more new ways to make Virtual Reality more social. Facebook owned Oculus has recently announced the launch of 360 degree video reactions for VR Gear headset. With this latest launch one will be able to choose between the social networks’s standard series of reactions like recently launched emoji reactions. A great thing is that while you are viewing 360 degree video, you will also be able to see others’ reaction on the screen. Oculus says that recently launched emoji reaction would be made available for 360 degree photos too.

 The supporting began earlier in this month and will be out in a few weeks. If VR users sign into their Facebook account on their VR headset, they will get stories update as a specially personalized feed of stories. Imagine viewing your friend’s or family’s status or picture on the VR headset screen and liking it from them only.

Efforts in the video section are the latest update on Facebook which is evident that Facebook is making real efforts to bring Social features into VR. Though is clear that they still far away from their main aim and goal and i.e. to have a proper VR Facebook application which will resemble the Met averse. But, Facebook and Oculus have already started their journey in bringing some of the amazing features of the world’s most popular social network to the universe of Virtual Reality. Facebook has already started its journey in the month of February by forming a social VR team, which is researching with dedication in finding a way that how people will connect using VR  technology.




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