Now Building An Active User Base, For A Retail App Made Easy

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Mobile marketing is growing at a very high pace as more and more users are browsing products and are making purchasing from their mobile devices. According to a survey, Smartphone spending has increased by 96% percent. And having an amazing shopping app can reach consumers, to increase brand recognition. There are certain marketing tips for shopping apps:

  • The app should provide real value to the users: You should know your audience whom you want to target and what features you will add to make it useful for the particular targeted audience. Create features such as customized push notifications regarding sales and discounts, tracking systems for delivery and packages. The secret ingredient here is described the advantages of the application features and publicize it through all possible available channels.
  • Take benefit from social networking sites: if you have accounts on various social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, instagram, pintrest, etc. People visit them for additional information and insights about your products and website. Try to create a post as informative and interesting as possible. You can also add appealing screenshots of the app to show the functions and opportunities.
  • Try to motivate users for marketing your application: Try to add the element of virality, after all mouth works faster and effectively than advertising. This referral network increases viral sharing among and through customers. And you can make easier by providing a sharing button on the social networking sites or on the site.
  • Optimizing the application downloading page: Users will find your application in the app store and to increase your application visible use ASO short for app store optimization techniques by using 3-4 keywords in the app description and also add screenshots and a promotional video if it is possible. This will increase the visibility and users will search and download it more.
  • Increase in user engagement: Installing an application is only half the battle. Sometimes customers download it and may never use them again. Try to make reminders to engage users with your application in order to have full benefit from it by making some features like push notifications and Facebook engagement advertisement.

Marketing of shopping application takes a major part of time and your effort. It really pays off with higher rates and brand loyalty. Be sure to test all different promotional methods and find out which method works best for your application.





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