Key Design Principles to Enhance Website’s Usability

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The World Wide Web or more commonly ‘Internet’ is full of millions of websites further sectioned into WebPages making the internet the biggest source of information exchange surpassing traditional mediums such as Television and Radios. Now, with such a huge pool of websites, how do you make your website stand out from the rest? Yes! Quality and uniqueness play a major role however, another key factor involved is user friendliness and usability. And an efficient usability can be attained through design as well as functionalities. Here we have discussed the key principles of Web Design to enhance website’s usability.

Connection with the Real World

This implies that the web system should relate to the real existent world for the users’ sake. Make sure to add language and phrases relative to the user and must not be completely system oriented. Add on real world logics and conventions to clearly put forward your concept.

Assign Freedom to Users

In most case, users enter the website’s lair during exploration and at any point they might feel the need to quit and exit for which they must be provided with a simple option to go back instead of a long delayed procedure.

Flexibility in Navigation

Flexibility in the usability section ensures easy exploration for all kinds of users- experienced with the similar systems as well as inexperienced and new users. Thus flexibility and navigation go hand in hand to ensure users feel it easy to interact with the website and move through seamlessly.

Minimalistic Web Design has its Advantages

Minimalistic and simple web design ensures to enhance your website’s usability in more than one way by boosting navigation and load time which greatly affects your website’s views on an average.

Rolve Bhatia


Rolve Bhatia

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