Features of PhoneGap – Developing Smarter Mobile Apps

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PhoneGap is a popular and promising tool for developing smarter mobile applications. The open source, cross-platform development framework facilitates the developers to build flexible mobile applications that can run on a multitude of mobile platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry by integrating code written in basic scripting languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. PhoneGap is one of the most recognized and extensively used application development framework sue to the many smart features it supports and the ease of creating and building an application it offers. Also the open source framework influences developers to bridge the gap between cross-platform/hybrid applications and native applications using various web technologies. Apart from that PhoneGap is an incredible application development environment for developers who are creative and innovative.

Features of PhoneGap


PhoneGap provides a robust and a highly efficient backend system for high speed and effective development of applications. The backend system is generated especially to aid beginners with a full guide to speed up the process. Hence, developing applications is made extremely quick and easy while working with PhoneGap.

Open Source Framework

The best and the most amazing thing about this framework is that it’s free due to its open source license which allows users to instantly compile code and new modules are updated frequently which are freely accessible to all the developers.

Simplicity and Flexibility

PhoneGap is a tremendously flexible platform for developers to develop applications in the most basic and simple scripting languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Also, it is deemed fit to develop apps of any type and category without particularly knowing any special language since most developers are proverbial with common languages such as the ones used in this framework.

Compatible with Smartphone Core

Another amazing feature of this brilliant piece of technology is that it is compatibility with the Smartphone’s hardware such as camera, Geo-location and accelerometer etc. which are mainly the properties of native apps but fortunately PhoneGap has included these features into the framework to enhance the level of app development through cross-platform development tools. The insertion of these additional features has made the life of small business owners much easier without compromising the quality of app and User experience.




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