Let us salute to the 2016 Multi-Platform Gaming year!

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2016 was a year of growth for gaming. The game space started to evolve in many of the spaces and the indie genre really produced some of the most magnificent scenes that have ever been produced  in the form of games that were undergoing from a long period of time, finally saw the light of day! These games were developed for multi-platform and in order to discover the best multi-platform titles of 2016, we bring the list just for YOU!

Overwatch:  Overwatch is considered as a very easy going pick and play game. The characters in this game are very diverse in nature and also there is a very colourful range of characters. Overwatch has a very colourful breath of fresh air. Everyone falls in love with character design which is something for everyone. You can always play as a cowboy or even as a gorilla scientist or as a robot with a bird buddy!

Dark souls 3:   With Dark Souls 3 we have to say good-bye to Lordran and it doesn’t give an epic send-off as some might be hoping for it. Dark Souls 3 do actually go back to their basic roots in the context of both story and gameplay that is especially made to wash out the bad taste of dark souls 2.

Doom: Doom is a big time action game that actually shows the meaning of an Action series! It does remind us of the games that were used to be fun before! This game is much more polished and also very enjoyable that gives a feeling of those old games that were packed with fun. It offers the nostalgic fun with being cynical.




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