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Five Principles For a Perfectly Implemented Flat Design

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Flat Design has recently become the much talked about and the largely adopted design methodology for creating unique and attractive web and mobile app designs. However, most of the web designers either just can’t do without the simplicity of flat design or they simply hate it. But, recently the trend has shifted from material design to creating flat design ensuring minimalist design with higher appeal of sophistication.

In order to implement a great and effective design for a website or a mobile application, designers need to stay focused on their technique following or keeping in mind a definite set of guidelines. Here are a few key principles for perfectly implementing Flat design:

  • Zero Added Effects: Flat designs are best implemented and presented keeping them as simplistic as possible as flat design mostly uses shapes in two-dimensional designs. Thus, the very essence of flat design lies in being simple and light without any added extra skeuomorphic or 3D effects for clear and precise presentation.
  • Elements must be kept Simple: A simplistic design will necessary employ simple user interface elements to be integrated in the design using defined and basic shapes such as circles, rectangles and squares for projecting elements. The bold and sharp structures encourage user interaction without having them to put in much thought about the functions and utility. However, implementing flat design is just as complex as any other 3D or material design.
  • Typography is everything: With all the other major elements kept extremely simple, typography plays a very major role in the bringing forward the design integrity. The tone of the typefaces along with the fonts must be kept to essentially compliment and highlight the simple design in order to ensure a smooth and seamless tone of the overall design visually as well as textually.
  • Color is Key: Choosing and playing with the colors while working on a flat design must not only be done with utmost care but keeping in mind the delicacy of the design structure. While bold and strong colors can be used to highlight the specific elements, which helps the flat design to stand out from other design practices with more hues, tints and tones to rule the design.
  • Minimalist Approach: Flat design is all about keeping it minimalist and simple to lay more focus on the essential elements of the design such as navigation and interaction. A simple design with colors and text must be enough to stress more on the features offered and the content presented on the website.




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