Existing Phones Not Likely to Qualify as ‘Daydream Ready’

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With an ideal combination of hardware and software components, Google’s determined team working on Daydream VR platform for Android will let you experience high quality VR on your phones. Google will certify certain phones to be ‘Daydream Ready’ along with certain specifications to make sure the desired level of performance is being delivered to the users. But, company has also confirmed that today’s top end phones also don’t qualify for the same.

Google’s VR chief Clay Bavor introduced ‘Daydream’ Android VR platform last week only which will include specially designed cell phones, headsets, and applications that will have to work together to deliver a high quality mobile VR experience on Android.

Users interested in VR on Android should hold on for this tempting upgrade as Daydream Ready handsets will be in the market by this fall as promised by Bavor.

Bavor wants to hold the quality bar way too high this time. To ensure this, all the components need to be just right so that there are no ‘Retroactive’ Daydream-ready phones. Google also recommends Nexus 6P as the phone of your choice to be the DIY Daydream dev but, nothing officially has been confirmed so far.

The company hasn’t made the specifications for a Daydream-ready eligible smart phone clear but they did give an overview which is amazing to know that the specifications definitely include essential Sensors to enhance the performance of your device in VR. Sensors are an important part of your phone as they are used to tell the orientation of the device and are also useful for some basic mobile gaming. To experience Virtual Reality to a great extent, sensors have to give high and calibrated performance which is essential for high accuracy head tracking.

The second major thing that you will notice is High Resolution which means there will be less visibility of pixels that you notice when you magnify your screens. It will also have an ultra-high refresh rate which reduces motion blur during head movement to a great extent.

Daydream will require Smartphone users to install Android N as software which will balance the handsets processing power to keep them from overheating as it demands heavy processing by VR. The user will be able to handle notifications and phone calls without interrupting your experience.

Handsets will be not only be equipped with powerful CPU  but also with a GPU that wont overheat too quickly under load as VR experience requires an output at 60 FPS.

So, as Bavor says, to VR fans to hold on for few more months to get this high quality Daydream-ready phone.




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