Canada Comes Up With First Virtual Reality Arcade in Waterloo

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Remember the time when video gaming was popular at arcades which saw a horde of people at a time just to lay their hands on the latest video game in the market? Although those times have been long lost but with the advent of virtual reality as the new and hot gaming technology a virtual reality arcade could be a vibrant hang out spot in the very near future.

Thinking along the same lines, Canada has come up with its very first virtual reality arcade in waterloo which will let users try out the most cutting-edge technology and latest games in VR at the trending devices.

The arcade is all set to open its doors on the Columbia Street for public after a soft launch held to introduce the arcade to the people. CEO Ryan Brooks has stated his views about VR saying, “You have a headset that basically puts the screen around your face,” he explains. “You’re no longer watching from a third perspective – you are the character now.”

Brooks is ready to open the arcade alongside James Elligson, both have other jobs apart from this venture. Brooks work as a substitute teacher while Elligson works at a nearby jewellery store in Canada.

The duo is also ready to franchise out the concept and have already received interests from a number of parties ready to bring the model to the community at large. Thus, experiencing VR at an arcade could be a real thing and our excitement about it just won’t cease.




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