App Marketing: Tools to Measure App Downloads and Track ROI

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In the currently hot market for mobile applications developers and enterprises wish to stand out and attain remarkable success with their applications which is why several app marketing and promotion strategies have been fabricated to help you gain the benefits and attain set goals and objectives.

However, once you are through conducting the marketing and promotion phase, you must be ready with the right tools to measure and track the progress and the success of the application.

The best way to measure the progress or the success is by setting some Key performance indicators (KPIs) as the metrics to evaluate the rate of success. The most commonly used KPIs are number of app downloads, ranking, reviews and the revenue generated. Thus, app download along with review and rankings play a very important role in determining the success of an app.

Here are a few efficient tools to measure the app downloads and track the revenue generated.

  • App Annie: App Annie is a free tool available at Google and Apple play store which is a great tool not only to monitor app downloads and revenue but also to validate the app idea. The dashboard provides easy to read charts depicting daily ranks, app downloads and revenue. The tool also lets you add events as milestones to achieve.
  • Sensor Tower: Sensor tower is a freemium tool serving to be an efficient ASO platform with store and specific app store intelligence. The tool lets you track your download and revenue data along with other essential Apple Analytics data for your application.
  • App Figures: Another efficient and popular tools used is App figures which lets you track information seamlessly for more than one application at a time offering you more than what App Annie does. The tool lets you scale, unit downloads profits and updates achieved till a specific date range along with provisions for setting and marking dates and events to track set objectives for more than one application.




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