Latest Accessories That Will Transform The Face Of AR/VR Technology

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This time Augmented Reality conference has transformed a lot from its past conferences. People have also developed their interest in AR which resulted in the increase of number of visitors this year to the conference. The conference always takes place on 1-2 June at its home in Santa Clara in California. There was a showcase of really cool and exciting products at the conference.

First in the row is Epson’s Moverio BT-300 an Augmented Reality Glasses offering in natural colors which are the company’s lightest and the smallest headset till date. It runs on Android 5.0 and also has a great battery life.

Second in the row was Virtual Reality Biking. Virtual Reality is playing the boom for the technology and that is why various companies are investing a huge amount of money in developing accessories to provide a VR immersed experience. VirZoom has recently launched VR biking accessories that is controlled with the speed of that bike, or on which direction you are leaning to, to change the direction and to shoot, two triggers are given on the handlebars.

Third in the row is Gesture control accessory. Leap Motion showoff his gesture control accessory which is compatible with OCULUS RIFT and HTC VIVE and you will be surprise to know that it is also working well with GOOGLE CARDBOARD systems too. The device senses your motion of hands and let you interact with games and applications with some controllers. Another company uSense is developing hand gesture accessory which will be compatible with smart phones.

Fourth in row are DRONES. Queen B Robotics was showcasing the Exo360 drone which will capture 360 degree video and stitches them together but the only disadvantage it carries along is that it can only fly for 18 minutes, but we can make it fly over different places.

Fifth in row is Wearable Technology. Myant, a Canadian innovation store designed smart textiles that goes beyond the regular headsets being released as it  tracks your body temperature, heart rate etc.

These latest technologies in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality when launched take the gaming power and technology to another level. It is like a real gift for the avid gamers and VR/AR enthusiasts.





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