Most Terrifying Game in Virtual Reality- Resident Evil

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Recently at the E3 held on Monday, the attendees of the event were shown a glimpse of the dawn of the survival horror game Resident Evil in Virtual Reality which made the users scream with fear reborn.

The game has sparked a thrill for the horror game a new coming out in Virtual Reality which adds a new rough edge to the whole experience for those who loved the era of the Resident Evil game.

From the brilliant and Illusionary graphics to the sound effects, the game packs quite a punch of fear. The game Resident Evil: Biohazard is all set to be released for PlayStation 4 on 24th January, 2017. Although Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is not necessary for the experience however, the game when released in its entirety will be available on Sony PlayStation Virtual Reality.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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