‘Loading Human’- an Episodic, VR Adventure Game

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Developers Untold Games is soon going to launch an ambitious Sci-fi adventure game which they named it as “Loading Human”. It is one of the first ever made-for-Virtual Reality titles that has ever been covered and is confirmed that it is coming on our PlayStation Virtual Reality headset on October 13th. Untold Games had haughty ideals with its title “Loading Human”; it is a title that they first covered back in 2014. The developers then built a game world that reacts spontaneously to the human input where no consumer Virtual Reality devices existed.

One of the major reasons that the title has attracted a great amount of attention from Virtual Reality enthusiasts was the development team’s commitment so as to provide a natural and complete human interaction system in the game’s illusionistic environment. An ‘invisible’ interface aspect of the game was important to Untold Games Developers, that they even gave the systems which were involved, a name (U.N.I.C.S).  Untold promise the full freedom gameplay by stating that the “Loading Human” is the only one in the existing Virtual Reality games that isn’t on Rails.

Untold Games have announced through Maximum Games publisher that “Loading Human” is going to be the one of the first games that will be made available on Sony’s PlayStation Virtual Reality headset and the first chapter of the game will be unveiled along with PSVR, i.e. October 13th. If we talk about the game, then it resolves around the protagonist which will be you.  You will be called upon to your dying scientist father’s Antarctic base so as to undergo a major interstellar quest in order to retrieve the Quintessence which is an elusive energy sources. They will help you by reversing the ageing process.




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