Motion Platform Arcade Thrills for Virtual Reality by Futuretown

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Taipei based VR Company Futuretown is planning to build all new home destination where you can experience which will be a custom built for amazing VR game experiences built for and can be enhanced by 3 different motion platforms. There was an unbridled rise of video games happened in the 80’s and 90’s and arcade came with an explosion. Sega dominated the arcade arena by delivering audio and visual experiences that were powered by custom designed and built in electronics over motion experiences that were in a hope that couldn’t be replicated by shop-bought hardware.

And now, Taipei based company Futuretown recently brought Cloudland’s Mini Golf to the HTC VIVE with a vision to reinvent that arcade experience for the immersive and illusionistic entertainment age. Futuretown’s CEO is Johan Yang and his company has already developed three motion platforms to build dedicated games on it. The heart of Futuretown’s technology is in a form of modular motion platform which is developed by partner InJoy Motion especially for a motorised pedestal which the user can rotate and tilt in tandem through a Virtual Reality headset. The pedestal base can accommodate custom mounts which further can be built to fit a particular genre of experience.  One design will allow the user to ride it more like motorcycle and the next design is shape surprisingly like a disturbed and featureless miniature pony.

According to Yang Futuretown has created a portfolio for engaging virtual reality games socially, but they want to take the player’s experience to a new level via motion simulation technology. The 5D Totalmotion platforms now opens up to new opportunities for the developers so as to create virtual reality experiences. With their modular design of the 5D Totalmotion platforms Futuretown can now more easily expand their horizon and will build VR experiences which will be suitable for all ages. Let us see if this can beat Retro Arcade in the upcoming times.




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