“Daydream-ready phones, headset and the controller coming soon.”

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Daydream earlier this year, Google’s platform named as ‘Daydream’ for high-end virtual reality on Android was announced earlier this year and now the Daydream VR SDK is very much ready for download as it has reached version 1.0.

Google has combined both Cardboard and Daydream development into the Google VR SDK as it was building upon Cardboard SDK. The SDK includes a simple API which is used for creating apps which are inserted into Cardboard viewers plus the more complex API is used to support Daydream-ready phones and controllers. The Daydream side of the SDK is an underpinning for Virtual Reality developers which are handling important basic functions like stereo rendering, head tracking and asynchronous reprojection that each and every Virtual Reality app needs.

Developers can get the Google Virtual Reality SDK at the Google Virtual Reality developer’s site. There is Unreal Engine Daydream integration in addition to Unity integration which is improving from the time it has been launched. Since its announcement, it was in its technical preview format and now it is in fully down able form for the developers. Unity’s native support for Daydream focuses mainly to solve the hard problems for the developers. They have also made switch in and out much easier in Virtual Reality mode so that your applications can be easily expanded to the Google Virtual Reality audiences.

The Google Daydream VR SDK is launching out just ahead of an October 4th press conference event which will be hosted by Google and is expected to see the sizzling new announcement of new Daydream-ready phones from the company, among other news. So, stay tuned for more news.




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