Now Relax With Virtual Reality’s New Relax App “LUMEN”

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Imagine you leaving a stressful day and gliding into a magical forest which is full of calming lights and amazing sounds. That is what the LUMEN has envisaged for you. It is a new LIFE VR’s new mobile app which gives relaxing virtual reality experience that will be launching this week. The app is amazing as it lets you calm yourself in just a few minutes while you are exploring a bioluminescent forest all with LUMEN. It is a self-guided and nonlinear meditation, which is rooted in the joint of VR and wellness.

This VR experience begins with a short exercise of breathing, then takes you in multicoloured woodland which is luminous and allows you to interact with the sights and sounds of your environment and de-stresses you in the process. The soundtrack is created by the famous composer Peter Timberlake which evolves with your every interaction in order to provide tranquillity and the serenest arena to you.

LUMEN was created in collaboration with Walter Greenleaf who did his PhD from Stanford University and working in Virtual Human Interaction Lab with Framestore’s Virtual Reality Studio and along with Dr. Greenleaf and other Stanford research scientists. They will be evaluating LUMEN’s effect on children who are undergoing difficult surgical procedures at the Lucile Packard to make a better life for the people. LUMEN is made available exclusively Via LIFE VR’s mobile app which is launched for iOS and Android and on steam for the HTC VIVE.




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