Leaked Input Device Dropped $120 M by Investors into Thalmic Labs

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Waterloo’s Thalmic Labs has recently raised $120 million (U.S.) amount for Series B round from the great investors like Intel Capital or The Amazon Alexa Fund or the Fidelity Investments in Canada. This is a fresh funding that will offer help with a vision to expand their product and i.e. MYO, an Armband.

Thalmic’s MYO is a band that works as a connection which helps you to pick up the electrical impulses that too from a wearer’s arm and translates them into the input language for a computing platform. The armband is being used for many new things like skipping through the music tracks on a traditional 2D PC or controlling Illusionistic characters in Virtual Reality Games or a therapy around using prosthetic limbs. This is a company’s high-tech armband which is used by surgeons in Spain. They navigate medical slides while they are performing surgery. The researchers at Arizona State University translate American Sign Language by using MYO.

Here is a closer look of the MYO that is described by the company who drops investment in series B which is similar to investment in Series A, as an armband which reads the electrical activity of your arm muscles so as to control technology with moving gestures and motion, typically hands-free in action.




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