Google Play Awards Includes New Categories For VR/ AR Apps

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Everyone must have heard about the GOOGLE play awards! It is the most prestigious award in the realm of Technology. This year, 2017 Google Play awards will be including all new categories for the top VR and AR apps. And you would be surprised to know that, Google has nominated five apps each in the category. The award function will be taking place on May 18th at 6:30 PM, during the Google I/O which happens to be the Company’s Annual Developer Festival. This festival holds a very great event in the past that changed the how we all used to perceive smartphones and Virtual Reality as last year, Google Launched their first ever Daydream Phone and headset and now Google is making a push for VR on Android platform.

Coming back to the award show, the award will be presented among 12 categories and the two new introduced categories are ‘BEST EXPERIENCE’ categories for AR as well as for VR.  Nominees are already selected and they are selected by the cross-functional teams throughout Google who are working continuously hand-in-hand with the relevant categories and other product areas. The category of the specific criteria is mentioned below. The common requirements across all categories are focusing on high star rating, technical performance, and freshness, requiring a launch or major update since April 2016.

Nominees for the category of Best VR Experience:

-Virtual Reality by Tender Claws

-Mekorama VR by Martin Magni

-The Arcslinger by Big Red Button Entertainment

-Gunjack 2: End of Shift by CCP Games

-The Turning Forest by Media Applications Technologies for the BBC Entertainment

Nominees for the category of Best AR Experience:

-HOLO (beta) by 8i

-WOORLD by Funomena

-WayfairView by Wayfair

-Crayola Color Blaster by Legacy Games

-Dinosaurs among Us by American Museum of Natural History

Let us see, who will WIN, keep guessing!!




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