OSVR Launches its VR Hacker Development Kit (HDK-2) for Pre-Orders

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OSVR has started taking pre-orders for its modular, open source Hacker Development Kit (HDK-2) VR headset which the organization claims will start shipping on July 29th. Open Source Virtual Reality, OSVR has set the price for the new HDK2 at a reasonable $399 where the new HDK is quite similar to its previous HDK 1.4 version. However, the new version offers a resolution of 2160×1200 with 90 FPS and a low persistence OLED display.

Considering the latest on-paper mentioned specifications, the new HDK 2 is definitely on par with the leading VR headsets in the market such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Also, a bigger surprise element is that because the VR headset is modular in nature OSVR shall offer a display upgrade to the owners of the HDK 1.4 VR headset.

OSVR is all set and ready to take pre-orders where orders flowing in before 28th July will be accompanied with Descent: Underground and Radial G: Racing Revolved for the lucky early orders.

Razer the organization behind OSVR said that currently the latest VR headsets will be available in US and EU but the as the sales are expected to rise the Company foresees wider availability in the Asia-Pacific region.

HDK-2 is bundled with essential Drivers and an automatic SteamVR driver installation for access to the SteamVR content. The contents of the HDK include the basic kit black and orange adjustable straps, HMD module equipped with gyroscope, accelerometer, head tracking sensors and a 3.0 USB connectivity. The latest optics is made of high performance dual lens system for ultra sharp images for better clarity and precision and least geometric distortion. The HMD also comes with an improved bamboo charcoal microfiber foam layer for supreme comfort.

The VR headset is essentially equipped with top notch features at extremely affordable and pocket friendly price and is therefore likely to draw a good number of pre-orders.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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