Samsung May Silently Be Working On ‘Odyssey’ VR Headset

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Trademark Filings in Korea spotted by the Galaxy Club today revealed the Samsung’s working on the codenamed product ‘Odyssey’ as the Samsung filed two trademarks and VR is among them. Galaxy Club also registered Odyssey as a brand name. Now, we all are wondering like you all that for which category VR has been registered. It can be for Virtual Reality headset, Virtual Reality gaming console or anything. It cannot be revealed properly until and unless Samsung doesn’t make any official statements in the media.

Odyssey has a beautiful significance in literature, which means a long adventure. It is true in the case of Virtual Reality for Samsung as Samsung is really making efforts in this field by developing more and more advancements in the field of Virtual Reality. The last Virtual Reality gadget that has been produced by Samsung was Gear VR which was launched in 2015. Samsung is widely regarded as the master in the field of Virtual Reality as it has already taken the bar of virtual Reality headsets, gadgets a way too high that it is difficult for the other companies to match with it.

Samsung is regarded as the wave of innovation in the field of virtual Reality as it has already developed a photographic style which it named as a ‘surroundie’, 360 degree photographs to be uploaded on social medias like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Every little detail can be seen revealed in the “unpacked’ conference scheduled in august 2 in New York prior to the release of galaxy note 7 smart phone. Let us see, what that conference unfolds.




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