Valve Unveils The Prototypes Of New SteamVR Controller

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Valve Unveils the Prototypes of New SteamVR Controller

The Annual Steam Dev Days conference is going on in Seattle and Valve seems to enjoying the status of main focus because of Virtual Reality as the unveiling of prototypes for all new SteamVR controllers. Though there are no official announcements being made by Valve, but the audience have been uploading pictures where they are writing posts regarding the prototypes that will soon be offering opportunities to the gamers.

The new prototypes are able to detect that when gamers open or close their hands which gives them is that they can detect when gamers open and close their hands, which will allow them to grab the objects within virtual reality arena.

Though it is not clear that how these prototypes are attached to the hands of the user, but the pictures which are being uploaded by the audience seems to show that they are strapped properly to the palm of your hand. Sensors can be seen surrounding the controllers with different coloured lights in order to show its presence on the device. No dates have been fixed that when the new controllers will be launched but the release date of SteamVR Controllers doesn’t seem to be any near!




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