VR Succours Germany by Apprehending Last Nazi War Criminals

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German prosecutors and police have very recently developed a 3D technology so as to help to catch the last living Nazi war criminals with the help of the highly precise model of Auschwitz. The VR death camp showcased a 21st-century fact-finding expertise for the concluding Holocaust assessments. The German justice system address the atrocities executed seven decades ago.

The 3D model proves to be a very helpful tool as it is a very modern tool for investigation which is being created by Ralf Breker who happens to be the Bavarian state crime office’s digital imaging expert. The model brings notorious Nazi-run camp to life in an astonishing detail. It shows the camp which has occupied Poland. We all know that more than 1 million people died during the Second World War.

According to Breker, there is no more exact model of Auschwitz, but it is happens to be much clear-cut than Google Earth. They are using the 3D model with the most modern VR headsets in the market. When the prosecutors, judges and co-plaintiffs put on the VR headsets and witnessed the atrocities in the 1940s-era Auschwitz in an immersive way, they got a chill in the spine. They witnessed the killings through a more advanced model in the case of former SS guard Reinhold Hanning. They found out about Reinhold Hanning and later he was convicted in June with the complicity of 170,000 murders at Auschwitz. He was sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

Breker gave an account of the story of the campaign that was between May and July in the year 1944 where more than 438,000 Hungarian Jews were extradited to Auschwitz-Birkenau. The total volume of people were gassed and cremated every day. This all created such an intense heat that it fractured the chimneys which eventually leads to the scenario in which the SS is burning bodies on pyres outside the crematoria. The SS men built drains for the fat that is to be collect from the bodies so that it could be used to give energy to the fire for the next round of corpses.  Virtual Reality made it possible to experience through HTC VIVEs, Oculus Rift’s in today’s time period.




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