Lionsgate and Starbreeze Present Highly Anticipated ‘John Wick VR’

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Lionsgate has recently announced that the Virtual Reality experiences which are based on the Keanu Reeves film named as John Wick will be previewed next week in New York City’s Comic Con.  The attendees will be given a sneak peak of a 7 minute Starbreeze developed title. Lionsgate is making an effort so as to move into the immersive content business by tying virtual reality, an immersive platform to their movie named it as John Wick (2014). It starred Keanu Reeves, who has appeared on and off from the time when it was announced in August last year.  They are still hitherto handling on how the game will be given a shape that when it will be released later this year, which is developed by Starbreeze.

Now, Starbreeze and Lionsgate together have announced that the most significant preview of the title is that it entitled John Wick Chronicles- an Eye for an Eye. Its sneak peak will be given next week at New York Comic Con, where attendees will get to experience a 7 minutes immersive demo in HTC VIVE version. It will be run from October 6-9 at the Javits Centre. The demo is more like a big push by Lionsgate at New York City’s Comic Con where they will be rolling stars from the upcoming John Wick sequel, which is imaginatively subtitled as Chapter 2, freshly out on stage at the show for question and answers jury.

Starbreeze also announced that a “bite-sized” version of John Wick Chronicles full game will also appear in Arcade Edition. It will be developed for 210 degrees FOV StarVR headset, which is all set for the first IMAX VR Centre, which is due to be opened in Los Angeles later this year.




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