Xiaomi Will Soon Launch Virtual Reality Headset: Mi VR Play

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Virtual Reality is the technology of the year and many smart phone, making companies are experimenting with VR. This trend was started by Samsung, HTC and now Xiaomi is following its footsteps as Xiaomi has also recently announced its VR headset, which they have named it as ‘Mi VR Play’. This news has been leaked online and no official statement has been made so far. The Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset will be made compatible with all the smart phones ranging from 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch screen size. Xiaomi is also offering a Mi VR Play headset at a cost of Rs 11 in Indian currency through a game. It is a form of beta program for all the users residing only in Mainland, China. Xiaomi has already received near about 1 million registrations in the first 8 hours of its announcement in its beta form on August 1.

The sources further said that the new Mi Virtual Reality headset Play looks a lot like the much refined version of recently launched ANT VR headset that we all have witnessed with the Lenovo Note phones, but still can’t compete with the sophistication of Samsung Galaxy Gear VR or Oculus Rift.

All must be wondering about the price, well it is expected to be around $99. The headset is made of lightweight and durable Lycra so that it could last long. Everyone wants to do something different and that is why, Xiaomi has made Mi VR headset with a two-way zipper which will give a firmer grip to your phone.

Mi VR app will be accompanying Mi VR Play Headset after its launch as the application is based on the extensive Virtual Reality content from its partners. Though the exact date and price is not confirmed and is yet to be announced. We will try to update you with the latest news and reviews on Mi VR play headset.





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