Virtual Reality Camera Satellite Will Make Space Home Ground

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The first ever Virtual Reality Camera Satellite is about to release in the coming year making the concept of looking into space a factual reality. The satellite is reported to be equipped with a VR camera that will enable capturing an entire expanse of footage from the space.

SpaceVR in collaboration with NanoRocks LLC aims to employ 360-degree video capturing spacecraft that will bring the infinite expanse of space right to your wearable VR Device. The video shot with the help of this spacecraft will be compatible with Samsung Gear VR as well as Oculus Rift. The Satellite will be launched into the lower orbit of space with the help of the International Space Station and SpaceX. The expected launch date of the VR satellite is said to be in June 2017.

The CEO and Co-founder of SpaceVR, Ryan Holmes explained how this effort is the most important and one of the biggest milestone achieved by SpaceVR. He further states how this could prove to be the coolest endeavor in the history of Virtual Reality technologies where the viewers could be able to view the limitlessness of space in an immersive environment.

The satellite will be equipped with 4k sensors and extraordinary VR cameras that will capture the footage of earth from the orbit in the space along with the breathtaking and mesmerizing chasm that’s surrounds it, all this in ultra HD visuals.

However, one major question that arises is the uncertainty around the VR gadgets that will be equipped and capable enough to handle such a high resolution. Nevertheless, we are expecting great progress in regards to VR tech and projects with the likes of Google Daydream till the next summers in 2017.




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