Lenovo Vibe K4 Note with ANT VR Kit Review

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Lenovo has picked up the unbelievable pace against its peers and launched its new VIBE K4 Note along with a specialized ANT VR headset accompanying the Smartphone. The innovative new phone promises a lot of potential with features like dubbed TheatreMax and a large screen offering a completely immersive experience. This makes VIBE K4 Note the first Smartphone to be launched by TheaterMax and powered by Lenovo Virtual Reality Technology.

The Virtual Reality headset in the kit is developed by ANTVR which is a juvenile company committed to making innovations in the field of Virtual Reality, augmented Reality and Holographic reality gadgets and PC headsets and VR technology glasses for Mobile Phones.

ANTVR headset combined with Lenovo’s new TheaterMax technology provides a brilliant interface to experience Virtual Reality and the cinematic view from a phone. The ANTVR headset contains a spherical lens providing a 100-degree diagonal view of the field along with a folding design. The excellent quality device weighs approximately 160 grams which make it easy to wear for longer duration.

Paired with Lenovo’s 5-6 inch K4 Note display, the VR headset is more than compatible and can be used for all other upcoming Lenovo Smartphones. The VR headset from ANTVR is available at an additional INR 1,299 along with the price of Lenovo Vibe K4 Note which is INR 12,499.

However, it is yet to be discovered whether ANTVR will be able to compete with other VR headsets on their way out into the market such as Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift which has received great reviews. Lenovo however, is yet to decide whether to bring TheaterMax to the existing phones in their name. Till then Lenovo is a great buy in the budget for the users and gizmo aficionados to experience VR.




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