Vortex VR Headset Review – Affordable VR Experience

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Virtual Reality is the latest “Hot new thing” in the market and out of the curiosity of the interesting technology everyone wants to try the VR experience. With oculus Rift and Samsung providing superlative VR Headsets which they tag as VR in a budget is apparently not affordable by all sections of the audience especially the younger lot which looks forward to a standard VR experience without burning a hole in their pockets. One such on budget gadgets is Vortex VR headset which provides a powerful VR experience paired with a phone.

Vortex VR is essentially best paired with an LG G3 phone which powers the VR headset impressively complementing the headset for an impactful experience. Vortex is an impressive technologically sound VR headset built strongly around the set parameters of Google Glass and Cardboard. The headset packs performance along with high resolution of a quad HD screen all under an attractive price.

Being developed on Android platform viewers may get a reason to be dubious as Android is not exactly a preferred platform for VR as yet. However, the headset successfully delivers the best of Virtual Reality surprising the audience instead of disappointing them. You can get the Vortex VR headset at an incredulous price of $100 which is a lot less than Oculus Rift which is set to initially cost around $500.

Hence, we can say that Vortex VR could be seen creating a well-defined niche for itself in the market for VR headsets powered by Smartphones providing LG a stable standoff with competitors like Apple, Google and Samsung etc.




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