Great News for Artists: 3D painting in VR with HTC Vive

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Virtual Reality ever since the beginning of the year 2016 has been deemed synonymous with video gaming. The announcement of Sony’s Play station VR has even strengthen the correlation however, VR is not limited to gaming and has proven its mettle time and again in various other applications such as medical and now e-commerce.

Now again, Virtual Reality has brought something utterly special to VR audiences i.e. it lets you paint in 3D by simply waving around a brush in the air while in VR. HTC’s Vive headset slips you into a virtual 3D space which acts like your canvas and once can paint it all over while the controllers along with the HTC vive control the brushes.

HTC Vive after the Oculus Rift is the second super VR gadget to hit the market this year and in its initial phase itself the headset looks quite promising in delivering extremely advanced VR experience.

The magical system efficiently transports you to a completely different world and hence with this yet another wonderful and creative application of VR presented by HTC Vive artists can have a renewed experience with digital art.




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