Virtual Reality is the new Hot thing for DOTA2 Spectator Mode

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Valve the DOTA2 make company from Manila Philippines recently showed off the VR spectator mode of DOTA2 game on Steam VR after the release of HTC Vive. The company has produced and launched an introductory video clip on Valve’s Steam VR webpage showing of the many possibilities that VR holds in the DOTA2 games.

The video showcases a professional DOTA 2 match being watched in VR mode through an HTC Vive headset while the audio commentary plays alongside all the action taking place. The users in the game however won’t just be limited to watching the game and the action unfold as there can be seen statues representing the avatars and selecting any of them brings up information about the particular player. Along with this the VR experience also lets users check the information about the character’s equipment being carried by them.

An even better and enhanced feature of the whole DOTA2 VR experience includes a 3D map where you can pull up the current stats of the game.

If all of this could somehow be implemented in the real experience then this could surely enhance the market and scope for the VR headset adding to good and interesting content for VR as for now only the limitations in the availability of content could limit the VR business and market’s growth.




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