Nokia’s 360 Degree Camera OZO Review: Future of VR Content

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It’s just been a few months since the release of Nokia’s 360 Degree futuristic VR Camera retailed at a whopping $60,000 for high quality VR content but has it proved its mettle? That shall have to be found out.

OZO is Nokia’s major comeback chip which the company is heavily relying upon but the camera announced in July has set major waves in the VR business. It is equipped with 8 synchronized global shutter high quality resolution cameras along with eight corresponding microphones which can capture stereoscopic 3D sound. The platform creates highly compatible VR content which can be viewed on all different VR platforms including headsets and Smartphones.

In spite of the rocketing high price tag of OZO it could prove to be the breakthrough for media and entertainment industry in Virtual Reality with its exceptional design and technology. The live stream from the camera can be viewed in a director’s cut on Oculus rift (Or any other VR headset for that matter) which shows an impeccable high quality video frames with minimum lag time of 1.25 seconds. The best part however, are the microphones capturing spatial sounds in 360 degree which lets you figure out as to where the noises are actually coming from. The lag time however, may be low but needs to be diminished to enhance the director’s cut but the latency is the time taken to stitch together content from eight different cameras and integrate it with the sound which means diminishing the lag time could be the real challenge.

Although VR cameras have a long road ahead of them to reach out to the consumers as well as the professional media and entertainment market, Nokia has undoubtedly made the right decision and at the right time to introduce the ideology of VR cameras which is sure to lead them back into the core of the industry.




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