Go Pro Omni VR Camera Review: Awesome People Doing Awesome Stuff

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Go Pro is an excellent and innovative firm that builds gadgets to let people capture the awesome thrilling things they do which is why in the wake of Virtual Reality facing the high tide, Go Pro released Omni VR– six synchronized Hero4 Cameras that record 360 degree footage with an 8k video quality.

Go Pro’s six camera rig was released at the NAB conference 2016 for a price of $5000 and has the availability date set for August 17th. The six synced action cameras capture 360 degree footage with 4k video quality which is processed to cook up the final video at 8k quality. The videos are stitched together using the Kolor software which was acquired by Go Pro last year.

The complete workflow of the video capturing and processing goes in a certain way which is not at all complicated but delivers great quality video. The video after being shot is sent to a computer through an Omni importer and there the video is processed and stitched however, one can also use it to manage, preview and render the footage.

Go Pro is also working with Adobe which has launched a VR video editor named Adobe Premier Pro CC which essentially handles 360 degree videos and can be used for delivering fine tuned videos for VR.

The whole package of Go Pro Omni is completely worth the $5K price tag as it includes Kolor software license, Go Pro smart remote, Six batteries, Six mini USB cables and six 32 GB Micro SD cards, card readers and a case. The deal is a great buy at $5K for creating your own VR video and uploading it on Go Pro’s VR website.




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