LIVE VR Concerts Could Propel Virtual Reality Like None Other

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Virtual Reality and its applications in the near future is the much discussed topics these days and while the more explored areas have been listed as Armchair Tourism, E-commerce, Training and sports, live music concerts is what can get Virtual Reality the big ticket into the hearts and good books of the industrialists.

NextVR the pioneer producers in Virtual Reality have bagged the deal with concert promoter Live Nation to promote and broadcast the big-named music concerts in the virtual reality. The contract will supposedly last for five years with the first event yet to be announced.

NextVR co-founder Dave Cole stated that “The agreement actually spans from a possibly intimate performance to the large music festivals held yearly.” The measure taken is likely to begin with free performances or events and will later turn to pay-per-view strategies as per the audience’s response and the advancement in the technology.

Virtual Reality has amazed people with its possibilities in its initial life yet the promise that VR holds is taking people to where they physically can’t be present which is why music concerts is a wonderful implementation of the technology and to let people experience and listen to their favorite musicians at the comfort of their will instead of touring the world following their favorite bands. However, the technology is less likely to affect the traditional music concerts as it will mostly come into play for people who can’t find time or resources to be physically present at the concert.




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