VR Funhouse Review: Nvidia’s New Virtual Reality Experience

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NVIDIA has recently introduced its brand new virtual reality experience which brilliantly showcases the power of GPU based physics systems owned by the company. Stepping into the VR funhouse was a unique experience as it comprises of several mini gamers each of which try and showcase the aspects Nvidia’s PhysX Library. Running on an HTC Vive along with three of Nvidia’s new GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs, the experience presents more realistic physics interactions which make it different from other VR experiences available.

The first segment involved a very basic demonstration of object physics where the player needs to throw basketballs to hit the vases. Adding to the realistic effects of physics the vases crumpled on the ground in shards of thousand pieces scattered due to the blow. Also, the objects when handled and manipulated in VR using the controllers vibrate according to the intensity of the touch after sensing it.

The next part involved bow shooting where the player stands at a range shooting arrows all fired up using bows. The haptics involved in the segment lets the user feel a deliberate and quite accurate tension and force through the controllers while pulling the string backwards to fire the arrow. Also, if your arrow hit the target you witness the fire spreading from the point of contact to cover the complete target board.

There are many more brilliantly conceived mini games included in the VR funhouse experience which give a heightened sense of realistic behavior by the objects in VR. Nvidia has surely lived up to its promises for producing efficient and much more advanced content in the field of Virtual Reality.




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