AxonVR’s Latest Technology will Take Your Mind and Body into VR

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A startup named AxonVR has come up with a latest piece of technology so captivating and mesmerizing that the idea of the hardware takes you straight into a science fiction movie. AxonVR after 4 years of vigorous hard work has finally come up with a full-body VR haptic exoskeleton (bodysuit) which aims to deliver complete sensations of real world such as pressure, heat and cold letting you walk freely in the virtual world while experiencing the ambiance of a real world. However, a technology as advanced as this exoskeleton will surely take some time to be available for the users at large.

Called as the AxonSuit, it promises to let you visit the pyramids of Giza in full body mode, stand at the top of the Niagara Falls, make snow angels in the Antarctic. The technology promises to deliver a Virtual Reality experience close to teleportation; however it will certainly take longer than we would wish to indulge in the exotic technology as it is still in the R&D and wiring phase.

We have earlier heard and read about haptic prototypes and bodysuits however, AxonVR promises to deliver each and every sensation to completely immerse you in the virtual world with a suit that is designed to promote free motion of the body. Earlier haptic prototypes have encountered problems in controlling the heat generated from the computer system however, AxonVR uses a separate thermal layer which pumps heated and cooled water into a flexible heat sink. However, scaling this technology to cover the body surface will be a major challenge and accomplishment in the invention.

Such a revolutionary suit, if successfully built is most likely to be highly expensive. AxonVR is rumored to e priced around $4,999, for now you can keep your wallets safe and inside though.




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