HTC will Launch its Very own First VR Game for VIVE

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HTC is in for the next big thing in the Virtual Reality and will soon be launching its very own first VR game especially for its leading VR headset VIVE. HTC is currently working its VR game named Front Defense which the company plans to launch and demo at the Computer Conference which will be held in Taipei, Taiwan next week.

For now, no real information is being released out about the game however, we just know that the game is an action based game around the theme of war and shooting down the enemies.

It is a completely new and yet an unexpected move by the Taiwanese Phone Company which has traditionally worked to set standards in the hardware and development industry for years now bringing to the market efficient and competitive series of Smartphones. However, the Company proudly set its foot into the Virtual Reality industry setting benchmarks along the way with its HTC Vive in partnership with the Valve as the prodigy component in VR which has created a huge impact on the market and among the consumers.

And now HTC is putting in its sincere efforts to emerge as a successful Game development studio setting aside money and funds for its endeavors in bringing quality VR content to the table as per HTC’s latest announcement about raising a $100 million for its accelerator program which will help students and potential developers to create new and innovative VR experiences.




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