GTA Owner Considers VR Way too Expensive and Space Consuming for Now

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Grand Theft Auto is definitely one of the most popular and most played video/PC games among kids and grown-ups and it would only be too exciting to imagine playing such an extensive game in VR. But are we likely to see any such thing in the near future?

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-two the company that has created many popular games including the famous GTA series franchise recently expressed his views and opinions about the current gaming trend taking the world by storm- Virtual Reality. Strauss stated his doubts and skepticism about the much-hyped VR gaming interface stating the VR has no market.

Take-two CEO, Zelnick has never before shied away from expressing his doubts about the technology going mainstream in its various proposed applications including the gaming industry which constitutes to be a major part of the overall revenue and growth expected from Virtual Reality.

In a previous interview Zelnick put forward his opinions and concerns about the long-term possible effects of Virtual Reality on the comfort of avid gamers provided by the leading VR headsets in the market including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and even Sony’s Upcoming PlayStation VR stating that, when games are played for longer durations wearing a clunky VR device on their heads could induce nausea. Nonetheless, He went on to clear the air saying that of VR compatible games is what the consumers demand then Take-two will be the first in line to step up and provide the same.

However, in a very recent following the roll out of the very first consumer VR headsets, Zelnick showed grave skepticism about VR stating that it has “no market” as it is way too expensive just as yet referring to the current prices of Oculus Rift- $599 and HTC Vive- $799 also considering that VR gaming modules require a complete room solely dedicated to the activity. Zelnick was also quick to state that he is excited about VR, feeling there is still remaining to be seen.

Although the concerns cannot be dismissed outright, however, it wouldn’t be completely right to say that VR has no market seeing the leading two companies trying to keep up with shipping the pre-orders with the audience for core VR gaming growing rapidly.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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