Hands-on Review on Dr Space, The Last Mission

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Today we present you a review of a game called Dr Space, The last mission. It’s an application that you normally have to download and pay $2.99 at the Google Play Store. After the installation, just launch the application and give it a few seconds if you are running a Samsung situation as the SMH. You will notice that the game center is definitely supported and you are able to use it if you want to buy default. It is launched into split mode, which is what one normally would want to be able to use. You can see that you are moving and it is basically using the gyroscopes. You are able to control it using either a game pad or by using your head mouth so easy.

For the insertion here, you take the unit itself, then you open the Google Cardboard or whatever subversion of cardboard that you have. You are basically amounting to your head and be able to play.

Now we start with the game. Starting directly it’s almost like a hyper loop or some kind of wrapped space and flying and we see another machine. So by default, it starts shooting directly on the street and then you’re shooting. It is basically different spaceships. There is an indicator in the middle of the cross that gives you access to shooting. And you are able to hear every possible single voice that gives you a VR immersive experience. Then there was a score at that time when the opponent is destroyed as you get some of the powers in arms and ammunition.

So this is and hands-on experience with the game. It is really amazing, addictive, it is free and you can play on almost any device that supports Google cardboard as it is pretty flexible.

Therefore, we highly recommend this game as it has truly given a Virtual Reality immersive experience.




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