Top VR Apps In Home Décor: Now RE-Decorate With Confidence

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Planning to redecorate your house or your room and its complicated to choose the right color or right piece of furniture for your room or your house? The answer to this question is OBVIOUSLY YES! It is difficult to choose the right color from just a small patch which the dealers show to us plus it is not satisfactory even. We even find it difficult to imagine the end result. Well there are certain Virtual Reality developers who loved us and tried to make us comfortable in this respect by making it easier in selecting a particular color and furniture.

Traditional developers such as J.C Penny and Target focused more on improving home with the help of VIRTUAL REALITY which will ultimately result in increasing the number of customers in the real estate market.

An online home retailer is developing its catalog in AR and VR for the customers to envisage their entire room with their favorite paint color and furniture. It gives a picture of future marketing in this field.

There is another home retailer that provides a single platform for millions of shopkeepers and consumers to narrow down their choices from a large number of choices. They even give an additional feature of installing their own selected, customized curtains. They launched their app on AR platform named VIEW MY ROOM that allows the customers to experiment from a large range of home décor options. It is set to be released soon in September. It uses certain sensors which tracks your motions and sizes of the certain décor products. It is compatible with HTC vive and Oculus Rift.

Another app named HOME DEPOT which allows the customers to upload their room pictures and let you change the color which they desire with just a THUMB touch sensor.

They have truly made our experience in redecorating something worthwhile and giving their customers more satisfaction.





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