Areas Where VR/AR Has Done Wonders In Medical

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Virtual Reality and augmented technologies are the technologies of the future and has come to stay for a very long time. There are many visions seen for Virtual Reality for example Deloitte Global vision of 2025 that VR will generate revenue near about $80 billion and many more. We have seen that many disciplines are using VR to lead their way. After leading light in the way of Military, it has now come to light the path for MEDICAL. We have carefully crafted these 6 settings in which medical has adopted VR and have proved as boom for them.
First in our list is Education and training in which products like SIM-K being developed by University of Montreal which teaches and allows amateur doctors to perform knee replacements by themselves. It projects everything on its screen. Now they are trying this technology for neurosurgery and spine surgery.
Second in our list PLANNING for surgery in which UCLA medical centre is planning to inculcate VR technology into Neurosurgery as it will help the surgeon by navigating them in the surgery as it will help them to know about the safest path to reach the tumor that will be built from MRIs and CT scans. In this one can do so by wearing Oculus RIFT or HTC VIVE.
Third in our list is EXPERIENCE OF PATIENT in which medical centre are really concerned with patient’s experience while they were, are or will be in the hospital. Because it’s the most important experience in a person’s life that how he was treated and felt during his treatment. At Boston’s Tufts Medical Center are experimenting with VR for pre surgery patients. It shows them the path on which they are going to walk and how that experience would be.
Fourth in our list are Treatments and Therapies in which doctors are now using VR to treat depression, addiction and other mental issues. It also helps to overcome certain phobias like phobia of heights etc, they treat them accordingly with the latest brimming technology river flowing this year.
Fifth in our list is Telementoring in which University of Alabama situated in Birmingham, surgeons can expect their mentor to join them virtually in the operation while it’s still going on. Virtual Interactive Presence and Augmented Reality(VIPAR) use Google Glass to give a real life experience in a place where there is a lot of pleasure on the doctors and is pushing them off their limits.
VR/AR has done a lot in this field and has proved to light the path and have saved many lives during its course.




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