Hand-On Experience With VR Sports ‘Hockey’ With Oculus Touch

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This time we tried our hands on the most compelling upcoming launch titles named VR sports Challenge an Oculus Touch for the Oculus controllers. The game comprises of various different sports and we tried our hands on the segment of Hockey where we are packed with gloves to rumble on the ice. We enjoyed the defensive position of hockey as a Goalie and then we tried face-offs and Slapshot portions of the game which were very fun to play with but, the fighting segment felt like the groundwork for whole VR boxing game.

The game ensures that you do end up getting into a fight, so now what will you do? You will obviously go to toss the gloves down on the ground and will accept the challenge. You can accept the challenge by jerking the Oculus Touch controllers towards the ground. The opponent will throw punches at you, which will come from any direction. You will have to block them by putting the guard in front of you by the other arm. You can weave and dodge quickly. You can even grab the opponent’s jersey during your Fight. After all, you are angry and fighting with all your passion.

There are certain responsive developments in the game which makes you feel those punches and you actually move your body to dodge it. We are very happy with this fighting section and will be very surprised if the developers did not end up adding the entire whole section on boxing segment. Goaltending is also a feature that adds more surprise elements apart from the fighting. One has to sweep the pluck within a designated area and a slow-motion slap shot moment is also there.

Overall, the mechanics have been designed with utmost care to make sure that our gaming experience remains amazing with them. We have given hands-on reviews on various games before but the development seen in this game is quite amazing. The developers have further ensured that certain developments are taking place to make our VR experience more fruitful. The developers have sealed their lips on pricing but will be out in the second half of the year.





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