Hands-On New Retro Arcade With HTC Vive And Oculus Rift

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Yay, Good news! For all the VR gamer enthusiasts that NEW RETRO ARCADE has released the support for HTC Vive and Oculus RIFT CV1 through Steam. Long before, the HTC and Oculus unveiled their intentions to create Virtual Reality controllers; the New Retro Arcade was destined to play of the motion Input.  Newly Released NEW RETRO ARCADE tech demo has finally supported the controllers of HTC Vive and the room scale capability. In addition to the ability to control the game’s arcade machine, it even allows the interactions with the objects feel like totally natural, specifically in mini-games. Release of NEW RETRO ARCADE now supports the Oculus Rift CV1 and one can even play it on desktop if they like to.

Well, let’s come on the game now. The darts are very difficult to throw with VIVE controller, but, not because of any technical error, but to represent that the throwing darts is a hell of a task in real life. There is no helping hand in basketball arcade machines either and will reject the shots if they are not spot-on. The beauty of this arcade is that it does all those things which you actually wish to do in your real life. When you’ll get frustrated with the New Retro arcade mini games, just feel free to roll the basketball into the net or down the bowling alley, or throw darts at the wall. No one will stop you or going to stop you from trashing the place.  You can have ample of fun like shooting empty cans into the trash bins, and there will be a lot of junk to be played with.

There is the largest possible area for uninterrupted area of immersion experience within the scale. There is a bit some scale issues. The immersion looks bit apparent when we tried to juggle one bowling ball and it actually looked like a soccer ball. New Retro Arcade is finally supporting the motion input and is working totally fine on this version and we hope it will work fine with New Arcade Neon version too which will be a six player multiplayer.




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