Virtual Reality Field Trips made possible with Google Expedition App

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Google has successfully launched its Expeditions App at the recently held International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2016 conference. Google kept its promise of the Expeditions Pioneering Program in Virtual Reality which was announced last year in September in order to aid teachers to take students out on Virtual Field Trips through the use of Cardboard VR.

The Search Engine Giant has now successfully launched the Expeditions App open and available to public with exclusive and interesting new tools added to the experience such as quizzes and Cast for an enhanced learning era of the future.

The Google Expeditions App contains a myriad of exotic new locations to take students out on a field trip such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Machu Picchu. The excellent new app claims and promises to present over 200 virtual excursions to locations all over the world. The biggest pledge of the app next to a refined learning process is to eliminate the clumsy sign up process to be followed by the teachers and also reducing the barrier of distance for travel and expense. The teachers can effectively and easily serve as the Tour guides for the children through VR where students follow the teacher’s voice in the virtual world as a narrative in the background.

Google has also gone an extra mile to provide with specialized expeditions kits to those schools which do not possess the technology required for the VR trips. The pioneering company claims to have delivered more than a million VR trips to students from 11 countries across the world.

The Google Expeditions App is available on Android via Google Play and will be arriving shortly on iOS too whereas the Expeditions kit is available for purchase at a price of $9,999 which contains 30 Smartphones with 3 chargers and a cable for the teachers to direct the tour accompanied by 30 Google VR Cardboard devices for the trips.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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